Okunevo: english version

Dear visitors, unfortunately we don’t have english version of wesbite yet. But you may feel free to communicate with us without barriers — our english not perfect and not even good, but we can easy understand each other. At least this text written without using translators and vocabularies. Even without spell checking 🙂 If you want to order something or ask us about production, place where we’re living — contact us by any convenient method.

Some facts about us

Me and Amelia

We are family living in Okunevo about 5 years. We currently have 3 kids. My name is Nikita, i’m web developer. After start living in Okunevo i learned how to do many things like plumbing, some building knowledge, etc. My wife is Elena and kids are: Nikita (not joke), Vera, Amelia and very soon (march or april 2021) Elena will give birth to fourth.

We lived in many places: Philippines (Cebu), Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok) and few cities in Russia.

My wife Elena

We are able to provide some services for you, see below.

Transfer from Omsk to Okunevo

Transfer from Omsk to Okunevo; englishspeaking driver
Omsk — Okunevo at winter

We have a car which never fails (so far, sure) and we can easily trasfer you from Omsk to Okunevo. It’s quite big and we can handle up to 7 passangers. Total distance is about 240 km from airport to Okunevo. English-speaking driver (yes, me, writing this text) with 5 years drive expierence. I like english and will be glad to have conversation.

Guideness & help

If you don’t know where to stay and want to have some excursions in this places, we can help. In common, we can help with everything. E.g to buy a sim-card, to buy food, transfer to somewhere, just to speak with you because you may feel bored 🙂 So, main sense of this article — you can feel with us as with your neighborhood. And we’ll never leave your in trouble.

Okunevo Omsk region

Btw, we have good Wi-Fi (don’t worry about internet). Want to contact us? Welcome! Contacts is here.

Sincerely yours izOkunevo.ru team.